World Refugee Day 2017

Something new. Since September 2015, Google has been working with humanitarian organizations to respond to the refugee crisis. On World Refugee Day, we made 2 films to help share an update on a few ongoing initiatives. You can read the full Google blogpost here. On #RefugeeDay and every day, we stand with refugees and theContinue reading “World Refugee Day 2017”

A Morning on YouTube

Thought I’d share what my brain has been bombarded with. I think I need help. Green Wing – The Alphabet Song Safety Video How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking The Scrollwheel GTA 4 Carmageddon – 2! WTF Japan Seriously: Broken Wear WTF Japan: Eagle Dance Uranus Self Anal Massage for Men viaContinue reading “A Morning on YouTube”

Awesomeness! HD Hero® camera from GoPro®

Great promo video for a video camera. Go fullscreen and play it in HD. Use it for Skiing & Snowboarding, Surfing & Swimming, Skateboarding, BMX & Freeride MTB, Motocross & Off-Road, Car Racing, Human Flight. Or mount it on a Dog. “I see no advertisement, only awesomeness” We’ve got one at glue and are playingContinue reading “Awesomeness! HD Hero® camera from GoPro®”