Google. The Beast

It’s so easy to forget about how much personal information we hand over to Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My mind was sharply focused again today when I read today that MySpace has taken a bold step and allowed a large quantity of bulk user data to be put up for sale. The truth is thatContinue reading “Google. The Beast”

Our Path To Truly Rich, Personalised Video Experiences

Dom wrote this feature for the 1st anniversary of the rebranded Revolution magazine. This is a copy+paste of the expanded version posted on his blog. It gives you a glimpse into a some of the projects I’ve worked on at glue, and the technologies we’re looking into at the moment. — Little did I knowContinue reading “Our Path To Truly Rich, Personalised Video Experiences”

Real World AR Tagging

This is new app from Metaio can overlay tweets, messages, web pages and models in a real space for others to see. The demo is pretty basic but it’s an interesting development. Personal or private tagging.. shop, restaurants and services with virtual comments for people to view by pointing a mobile at the location. YouTubeContinue reading “Real World AR Tagging”

Pet Shop Boys. Yes special boxed vinyl edition by Farrow

Farrow have created some great artwork over the years for people like Cream, D&AD, Deconstruction, Home, and Spiritualized. I first became a fan after seeing their work with the Pet Shop Boys. The Introspective artwork could be framed and put on the wall. The original 1988 release not the 2001 Further Listening album, right? RhubarbContinue reading “Pet Shop Boys. Yes special boxed vinyl edition by Farrow”

Honda Internavi Realization

Sleek new website from Honda Japan that visualises the data from INTERNAVI. Honda’s in-car navigation system. Take a look at Drive Lapse in fullscreen mode. I’ve got the screensaver installed. Cool.