Lily Allen Night

I’ve never been a massive fan of Lily Allen – but that’s changed a bit tonight. Here’s why.

Reason 1

Check out this cool video for the 2nd single off her new album. Called “Fuck You” it was written with George W Bush in mind. The video doesn’t have anything to do with that, but I love it.

I can only explain it is as ‘life as seen through multi-touch’.

Lilly Allen – Fuck You

YouTube link.

Reason 2

Her music actually sounds better than I remember.

This is a massive slice of poptastic pie. Admit it.

Lily Allen – The Fear

YouTube link.

Reason 3

She was the original MySpace darling. With over 685,500+ followers it’s clear she’s nailing Twitter. She also appreciates a good mashup.

RT @parlophone found a mashup of @lilyroseallen ‘s ‘Not Fair’ & the Littest Hobo theme tune, and it’s GENIUS!

Lilyest Hobo (Lily Allen – Not Fair vs Terry Bush – The Littlest Hobo Theme)

YouTube link.

Good work all round really. Props to the girl.

Rupert The Bear and more

Being able to directly connect with interesting people is one of the thing I love about Twitter.

Exhibit A:

Charlie Brooker sent this out today:

“What murderers see and hear in their heads while digging your kidneys out with a trowel”

Funny, interesting – direct to you. What more could you want?

Some more from Charlie today:

“If I ran the BBC, the titles to the Ten O’Clock News would look & sound exactly like this”

“And this for Panorama”

Also, is this what the murders see just before they cave your head in?

And who remembers these with the legendary Derek Griffiths working his magic.

Boy From Space

Dark Towers

A proper trip down memory lane.

Here’s what I love about YouTube.

Someone’s made a Dark Towers playlist!!

Qapture. Links Inspired By Twitter Chat


Qapture captures and ranks the links being shared right now by some of the most interesting folks on Twitter.

Think of Qapture as an “of the moment” aggregator inspired by all the chatter about Twitter.

Here’s how it works:

1. They find people who tweet amazing links

2. They grab those links and categorize them by contributor

3. They share them with you and measure their popularity

As a start, they created categories that fall into the field of digital communications – things like strategy and design. Their plan is to broaden these over time, maybe delving into pop culture, food or humor.

Qapture was created by Big Spaceship.

One to watch.

Is Twitter about to go mainstream?


Twitter has been through some tough times recently.

It’s had a senior management change, issues with scalability and infrastructure, and companies like Friendfeed have been quick to innovate and are hot on their heels.

But could all that be about to change??

A few brands have dabbled with Twitter; but the mighty pop-celeb-car-crash that is Britney Spears has launched an official profile as part of her site/career relaunch.

Her team must be behind the thinking and, if they get it right, the PR and marketing benefits to Britney and her label are clear.

Potential pros:
counter bad PR quickly, DM model of driving sales, 2-way realtime conversations, etc, and Brit just has to drop in sometimes to tell you something “insightful”.

Potential cons:
Pseudo press releases, management only approved updates, just another PR exercise.

So… will more bands and celebrities follow suit catapulting Twitter into realms of Facebook and MySpace.

Britney joins Twitter and BOOM!

The tech-nerds who fight it out to for the title “most followed” must be running scared.


You can follow me here


As part of the Britney relaunch she’s gone all 2.0. The website is only part of the strategy, she’s launched a YouTube channel and social network.

(Thanks – Linda)

Andy: writing about a video called “Presenting Twitter?”

Jack Dorsey Presents Twitter from biz stone on Vimeo.

A lot of people ask me ‘What is Twitter?’ and to be honest it’s kinda hard to explain so it’s over to company founder Jack Dorsey to give some background on Twitter and its current use.

Turns out it’s a lot more than letting your friends know ‘Where you are’ and ‘What you’re doing’; and the bits we don’t normally associate Twitter with is actually where some of more interesting stuff is happening.

Update your Facebook status via Twitter

I’ve just got into Twitter, early days and who knows if it’ll stick. I do love the way it captures a moment though.

So if you use Facebook there’s a nifty little app that lets you keep updating your blog + mates, whilst it updates your status in the background.


UPDATE: There’s seems to be a problem with the official app at the moment. You can’t get into your Facebook admin page to change the settings. They’ve also added an forced “is twitter:” prefix to the status. Not cool. An alternative is Twittersync, but i’m hoping Twitter sort out their official client sharpish.

UPDATE x2: All fixed.