Next Generation Talent

Panasonic’s Next Generation Talent competition asks UK students to put their creative skills to the test and produce a TV ad. It’s back for 2009 and I’ve been asked to get involved with the judging.

However instead of me banging on about what I think; it’s clearly better to get some other opinions. So please take a look at the entries below and leave your comments on the blog or email them to me.

Here’s the lowdown.

The Brief: “Produce a TV ad to promote the Panasonic G10 Viera with FreeSat Home Hub TV, leveraging the Everything Matters brand positioning.”

The Entries:

1 – Paul Bryan // Concept: An upgrade of television life over the past forty years.

2 – Steffan Harrison // Concept: Little things make the big picture happen

3 – Romaine Reid // Concept: Show off the features and benefits of each product within Panasonics HD home hub series.

4 – David-Childs-Clarke // Concept: Electronic devices coming to life via their on lights

So that’s it.

What do you think?

Please take 2 minutes out to give these guys some feedback!!

Read more about Next Generation Talent at

Disclosure: I do not work for Panasonic or any of their agencies.

TV commercial reminding advertisers to make TV commercials

Saw this on the TV last night. Few classic lines in here.

YouTube link.

Blurb about who it’s for:

Thinkbox, the television marketing body for the main UK commercial television broadcasters, has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign, to remind advertisers of the unrivalled power, value and effectiveness of TV advertising and to encourage advertisers considering using TV for the first time to seek help from Thinkbox.

Sign of the times?

3 ‘freedom’ by glue London

Our first TV ad for 3.

The background to it is that as a brand they really needed to do something to re-establish trust with a very cynical public.

We needed to be real, non-shouty, quietly confident and do something that didn’t try too hard.

We also had to launch mobile Skype.

Oh and we had just under four weeks from brief to going on air…….

I think it has turned out pretty well.

It’s a platform that they can build on and ‘changing mobile forever’ sets them a challenge intrenally to keep striving to improve.

The main character Jason is a lovely bloke. Lead singer of Bugz in the Attic and perfect for this.

Copy+Paste from Sebs’ (Creative Director) blog – Discomole

Stewart Lee

I watched Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle last week. At the end of the show I decided to take a look at the extras “On the Red Button”.

Usually this stuff is drawn out behind-the-scenes rubbish. This is brilliant.

After each episode of Comedy Vehicle, Stewart is called to account by the show’s Executive Producer Armando Iannucci.

Deadpan conversational comedy from two guys at the top of their game. Nice to see this extra content made available for fans.

Good work BBC.

Smell-O-Vision comes one step closer to reality with SMELLIT.

SMELLIT works just like your printer, but instead of ink cartridges, it works with smell cartridges.


As your DVD player reads the video and sound information, SMELLIT processes the DVD smell information 10 to 20 seconds ahead of the actual scene so the odours have time to reach the spectators.




Smell Up..!!

via Unplggd

Dead Set Credits


I’ve just watched the re-run of Charlie Brooker’s excellent Dead Set on E4. No long list of cast and crew at the end, just a URL.

I’ve seen this done once before… Chris Morris’ Jam.

It’s great to see Brooker use this technique to combat his dreaded foe, the “end credit squeeze”.

Kudos to these guys for finding a way to thank the team properly.