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Dead Island: Rewound

Amazing trailer for Dead Island.

Made me feel quite emotional.

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Modernised 1982 Tron Trailer

There’s a real art to cutting a good trailer. While the basics have remained the same over the years, some aspects of that art have changed greatly in the past two decades.

The classic 80s Tron trailer gets a fan update – to see how it might be sold today.

For comparison here’s the original trailer.

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The Secret of Inception

How good is that? Made in 3 hours.

Anyway if you’ve seen Inception you might like this on the “Meaning of Inception”. BUT the entire article is a major spoiler for Inception.

Spoilers ahead if you click here.

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Starwars: Force Unleashed II

Exclusive trailer from E3 2010. Full of epic CG madness.

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GAIKING Teaser Trailer


I don’t know ANYTHING about this but it looks cool.

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Four Lions Trailer. Chris Morris returns.

More; including a phone interview with Chris Morris –

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TRON Legacy

via YouTube.

I am loving the look of this. The art design and direction is breathtaking.

Play it in fullscreen mode.

Coming soon to IMAX 3D.

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The Beatles: Rock Band Trailer – E3 2009

Here’s the HQ version of the video that’s had the Twittersphere buzzing.

This one is gonna sell.