Shiny Mass Marketing

I started reading Chris Brogans blog after I heard him speak at a conference in Brighton last year. Here’s another gem that makes you stop and think. McDonalds is pretty darned smart. You might have your reasons for not liking them. You might feel they’re antithetical to all you hold pure and dear. It doesn’tContinue reading “Shiny Mass Marketing”

Obama won… because of me

I know everyone’s talking about how amazing it is that Obama is going to be the next President so I’ll keep this short. I think it’s an incredible landmark moment for so many reasons, but one thing that impressed me about the Obama campaign was it’s use of social media. This was in my TwitterContinue reading “Obama won… because of me”

Hyperconnectivity in 2010

A look at the world of brands, media, communication, technology and that in 2010. 2010: Entertainment and Communication from Faris Yakob on Vimeo. There’s loads more great insights and thinking over at Faris’ blog.

Classical Music and Shining Eyes

TED talks are normally good, but this one is brilliant. Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He’s known around the world as both a guest conductor and a speaker on leadership. He has two passions: classical music and helping us all realise our untapped love for it; and byContinue reading “Classical Music and Shining Eyes”

A personal library like no other

Jay Walker struggles to balance privacy with his impulse to share his finds with the outside world. Schoolchildren often visit by invitation, as do executives, politicians, and scholars. He’s never invited any press in to see the collection—until now. From King James to James Bond, Chaucer to Sputnik, this is a personal library like noContinue reading “A personal library like no other”