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Taped Together 2010

I’ve been asked to pick a record as part of the Taped Together Summer 2010 playlist.

I think it’s an absolute beauty so go and have a listen.

Click here!! Taped Together

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Monday mood lift: School chorus perform Pheonix ‘Lisztomania’


This is why teaching music and making it part of growing up is so important.

Amazingly uplifting and some of the kids are really going for it!!

Funny Technology Web

Codeorgan. Make your site musical

Stick in your URL. Codeorgan analyses the <body> content. Does some clever stuff. Then plays back a musical interpretation of your content.

Give it a go:

My song sounded a bit weird. Bad content I reckon.

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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Songsmith enter the YouTube Piss-Take Arena

Ok, if you’ve not read this post have a look through it. But what’s happening has to be seen to be believed.

A few intrepid YouTubers are stripping the vocal tracks out of well known songs and feeding them into Songsmith.

The resulting music is bad, but in a purposeful, ironic way. Adding another jarring layer, they then sync these musical amalgamations with the original song’s music video.

The Police “Roxane”

Radiohead “Creep”

Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”

Billy Idol “White Wedding”

I can’t embed this video because of copyright content claim by Universal Music Group but check out Nirvana – In Bloom (Microsoft Songsmith Remix). It’s really something else altogether.

The hits just keep coming!

I still love YouTube Shreds though…

What do you think? Any more good ones?

Creative Funny Music

Thriller as a 64-channel voice acapella

This dude can’t sing to save his life, but it’s a massively impressive piece of work. Quincy Jones would buy him a pint i reckon.

More cowbell!