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Mobile Login with Face & Voice Recognition

Logging into Twitter with your face from The Next Web on Vimeo.

Technology being developed at the University of Manchester, UK as part of a European project could make your phone a lot more secure by requiring both your face and your voice in order to log in to your favourite services.

Brilliant until somebody holds up a photo of you and plays back a recording.

Can’t remember who I got this from sorry.

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Shazam and Midomi: Sounds like a magic trick, but it’s mobile technology voodoo

Recognise music anywhere

I’ve been playing with a few Apps for my new iPhone and there’s some nice stuff out there. Netvibes, Remote, and Facebook are on my “keep” list and one of these will be next.

Shazam and Midomi have slightly different features sets but both use some very clever technologies to recognise music; and ask what to do with it if identified.

The camera work is shaky and this guy sounds pretty stoned but here’s Shazam in action.

This brave fella called Soldier Knows Best (great name) bust out his singing skills for a demo Midomi.

Both are free downloads, although Shazam only for a limited time. Maybe they’re both trying to get me hooked before they charge.

Some other thoughts of interest i’ve seen:

If Apple was smart, they would keep these music apps free. It is just another portal for people to purchase music from iTunes which of course, will make them a profit. If they start charging, they might as well start charging just to have the iTunes app on our computers.

I would think that Apple would be smart to negotiate a one-time fee, carry the cost themselves, and continue to reap the benefits.

Maybe Apple will look to buy-up one service to integrate and offer it as part of iTunes. Anyway, take a look.

Shazam at the iTunes App Store:

Midomi at the iTunes App Store:

More info: