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The Wombats ‘Techno Fan’

Love this promo. Kinda reminds me of the video for A-Ha ‘Take On Me’.

Memo Akten designed and developed the software (C++ / openframeworks / opencv) to process live footage of the band.

No Kinect involved ™

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Jamie Woon “Lady Luck”

Lots of visual trickery. Nice promo by Vincent Haycock.

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Brilliant Promo for ‘Is Tropical’

Wicked mix of film and animation in this music promo for ‘Is Tropical’.

Directed by MEGAFORCE
Animation by 7 at Machine Molle
Produced by Jules Dieng at Elnino

“Native to” – Out June 13th on Kitsuné / Cooperative and June 2nd on Traffic.

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The build of the We Like Small iPod wall

The iPod Wall from welikesmall on Vimeo.

We Like Small built a wall made from 20 iPods and built an app that display photos from a library randomly across all iPhones or as a large image split between iPhones. Future releases will allow all sorts of external user interaction.

Plenty of blurb on the Vimeo site.

They’ve got a nice website too –

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Great idents for BBC Sport

I saw this at the weekend for the Winter Olympics.. and loved it.

BBC Sport – Winter Olympics Animation 2010

Marc Craste was briefed by agency RKCR/Y&R to create a film based around a legendary quest, where an Inuit hero retrieves a spiritual stone that has been stolen from a mystical totem by a giant bear. While performing his mission, our hero reveals some pretty nifty sporting skills that would prove useful at the Olympics, including skiing, snowboarding, and curling. The film was commissioned via Red Bee Media, agency: RKCR/Y&R, prod co: Studio AKA, director Marc Craste.

The beeb have a habit of commissioning smart promos for these kind of big events. Remember these?

BBC Sport – World Cup Promo 2002

BBC Sport – Olympics 2008


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Lovely animation for BBC Knowledge: A little knowledge goes a long way commercial

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The Weezer Snuggie

I love a good infomercial.

YouTube link.

I love this from Weezer. They were originally going to call if the ‘Wuggie’.


Snuggie-based promotional videos with jumping dogs on the album artwork. They’re get it,


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The Whole Shebang. A Crowd Sourced Augmented Reality Indie Music Video

Sydney band Lost Valentinos use augmented reality to get people to produce their music video.

Perfectly summed up as: Couldn’t be much more ‘hip’. Haha.

More here. via

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have you seen the .™ (DOT)

2 fantastic promo videos for iPhone apps created by ustwo™.



YouTube link.


YouTube link.

About the game:

Produced in 48 hours .™ is born. The name of the game is survival. It’s simple. You are .™. Blue circles are food. Red triangles are death. .™ starves and shrinks without food. Red death makes .™ hungrier. Can .™ survive?

.™ is 1/6 of a suite of forthcoming apps from ustwo™, called 48hApps. Each of the apps is created in a 48 hour time period, and each is about simple, stunning design and simple, addictive game play. Collect all 6 games to complete the set.