13 tracks I’ve enjoyed in 2010

It’s that time of year.

Iains playlist reminded me to dig out some records I’ve enjoyed this year.

There’s some great stuff in here from Diamond Messages, CFCF, Clubroot, We & Lisa, Mayer Hawthorne, LCD Soundsystem, Ellen Allieen, Chew Lips, Dominik Eulberg, Chamboche, Angela K, Moby and Fyfe Dangerfield. And remixes by Classix, Monarchy and Paul Kalkbrenner.

Here’s the Spotify link:

Here’s Iains 10 from 2010 (which he cunningly expanded to 20):


Social Music usefulness

Useful Thing Number 1 – Discover music via Spotify



I’m Spotibot, and I help you discover music you like on Spotify.

Just type @spotibot similar to into Twitter and then the name of an artist. I’ll send you back a recommendation within five minutes. Or can also use the Spotibot Playlist Generator.

Useful Thing Number 2 – Create Spotify playlists from iTunes



Turn iTunes playlists into Spotify playlists. Ever wanted to bring your home music collection to work? Crafted out a playlist on iTunes but want to put it on the studio Spotify? You get the point. iTunes to Spotify.

1. In iTunes Right click the playlist name > Export > Save as plain text

2. Upload the .txt file