Scintillation. An Experimental Film by young director Xavier Chassaing.

Ahhh… I love it when you come across something like this.

The film stands on it’s own purely for its visuals, but the technique and craft that went into the production sets this film apart. What looks like film is in fact 35,000 photographs with a mix of 3d mapped projections.

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.

Read more about how they did it over at Motionographer.

Stunning photography from Antarctica

More absolutely stunning photo journalism from The Boston Globe “Big Picture” series. Their work is consistently mind-blowing so if you haven’t bookmarked their site, do it now.

Collected here are 32 photographs of Antarctica from the past several years.







See the full set:

Spacetime Fusion – using photographs to enhance video
Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.

The science bits are pretty complicated. But who cares when it can make your videos look fucking awesome using the power of Spacetime Fusion!!!

Copy and paste from Crackunit

Moodstream from Getty


Getty Images came in to show us some new products last week. One of them is a mashup called Moodstream, which is designed as a visual brainstorming tool.

Moodstream adjusts its visual and audio output based on settings the user sets up. Users can also create and save a moodboard to refer back to when beginning a project.

If you’re in an emergency pitch-type moodboard scenario there’s also Catalyst. Enter one keyword… and select the best match.

AMERICA: The Gift Shop

Photographer Phillip Toledano presents ‘America the Gift Shop’, a series of alternative products on the premis the American Foriegn Policy had a gift shop.

‘We buy souvenirs at the end of a trip to remind ourselves of the experience. What do we have to remind us of the events of the last 8 years?’.

I Was Rendered


Abu Gharib Coffee Table


Choc and Awe

Picture 4.png

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The Photosynth team returns with even more mind-blowing tricks!

The guys behind the mind-blowing photo-stitching software, Photosynth, are back with even more explosives for your brain. As part of SIGGRAPH 2008 the collaborative research team from the University of Washington and Microsoft Research showed off some changes and improvements that give Photosynth some even more stunning effects.

The new technologies move beyond the initial idea of stitching individual photographs together in a 3D environment, and can now actually manipulate color and tone within the photos.

It’s one of the those PC-only apps you’d really love to see on Mac.

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BBC announces new multiplatform series, Britain From Above






Britain from Above will make use of technology to create stunning images of Britain from above.

Using aerial and satellite photography, groundbreaking filming technology, data mapping, and exclusive archive Britain from Above will look at varied issues from how four million people move around Greater London each day and how football crowds move to why ‘phantom’ traffic jams inexplicably appear on motorways.

422 South created ground breaking CGI sequences revealing never seen before patterns of life in modern Britain. Starting with GPS data mapping the movements of London taxi cabs, commercial aircraft, Channel shipping, refuse trucks and schoolchildren, 422 MD and senior programmer Craig Howarth translated lists of raw numeric co-ordinates sampled at regular time intervals, into coherent animated paths. 422’s VFX team, led by Art Director Dave Corfield and VFX supervisor Andy Howell visualised the resulting paths in Maya and composited them with satellite imagery of the UK using Shake. The result is simultaneously beautiful, surprising and informative.

The BBC also teamed up with Jason Hawkes Aerial Photography who have specialised in creating aerial photography since 1991.

Britain from Above will be aired on BBC One, Two and Four and available online through the iPlayer and this website where you can also rewind through time at 20 sites around the country.

The first episode is this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

Series website:

More aerial stills: