Even More Kinect Goodness

There’s still lots of amazing stuff going on. Here’s some stuff from another interesting week of development.

Dueling Kinects

Two Kinects running at the same time. Each depthmap is compared and the closer value is kept. Allows for the creation of mutant hybrids.


Dueling Kinects from flight404 on Vimeo.

Kinect MIDI controller

Proof of concept MIDI contoller. Coded in C#.net.

Interactive Art Installation

Outdoor Projection by Seeper at the Kinect launch in Germany.

Optical Camouflage Demo

Predator style optical camouflage built with Kinect and Openframeworks.

Quadrotor Autonomous Flight and Obstacle Avoidance

This work is part of the STARMAC Project in the Hybrid Systems Lab at UC Berkeley (EECS department). Read more about it on their YouTube page.