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Final Space Shuttle Launch. Viewed from an Airplane..!!

Incredible footage of final Space Shuttle launch as it powers up through the atmosphere and out into space. Captured by a nearby passenger jet!! Awesome.

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NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere

Awe inspiring NASA tribute remixing breathtaking footage of Earth & The Cosmos with Carl Sagan audio. Fantastic stuff via @brainpicker

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Have a look at this picture. It’s amazing

It’s Neil Armstrong on his way back up from the Lunar surface. Look how knackered but happy he looks. One of the best portraits ever taken.


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Sonic Boom vs Sun Dog


Perched on top of an Atlas V rocket, on February 11 the Solar Dynamics Observatory launched into space. About a minute after leaving the Earth, the rocket did two things: it passed the speed of sound, and screamed past a sundog, a rainbow-colored optical effect in the sky caused by ice crystals. And when it did it was incredible.

Open in YouTube. Go full screen. Click the “720” button.

Pay close attention around the 1min 50sec mark.

Those ripples were caused by the shockwave of the rocket going through the cloud, which quickly dispersed. Since the cloud had ice crystals in it, the sundog got literally blown away.

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