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Using Last.FM data to put Lady GaGa in perspective

Lady GaGa cleaned up at the BRITS last night. Within 20 minutes this appeared on Twitter. It’s a list of the most frequently deleted tracks / scrobbles by the community in January 2010.

Are people embarrassed to admit they like her, or is she a bit shit? You tell me.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Becks iPhone App – Helps You Find Gigs

An alcohol brand launches an app aimed at providing a useful service rather than a pub diversion.

Beck’s release Gig Finder, a mash-up between Google Maps and which lets you search for gigs in the area.

YouTube link.

I like that fact they’ve just combined a couple APIs to create a shiny new service. Wonder if the team will roll this into their next update.


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Pet Shop Boys Tour Ad

Like this takeover on to promote their upcoming tour.


View other sizes.

Leaderboard, MPU and background image – but the design / art direction works really well so the whole thing doesn’t feel too in your face.

I’ve got tickets to see the gig on the 21st December at the O2 Arena.

Can’t wait.