Using Last.FM data to put Lady GaGa in perspective

Lady GaGa cleaned up at the BRITS last night. Within 20 minutes this appeared on Twitter. It’s a list of the most frequently deleted tracks / scrobbles by the community in January 2010. Are people embarrassed to admit they like her, or is she a bit shit? You tell me. See and download theContinue reading “Using Last.FM data to put Lady GaGa in perspective”

Becks iPhone App – Helps You Find Gigs

An alcohol brand launches an app aimed at providing a useful service rather than a pub diversion. Beck’s release Gig Finder, a mash-up between Google Maps and which lets you search for gigs in the area. YouTube link. I like that fact they’ve just combined a couple APIs to create a shiny new service.Continue reading “Becks iPhone App – Helps You Find Gigs”