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Junkyard Jumbotron

A project which allows laptops or phones in close proximity to be ganged together to form a large display.

Developed by the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.

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Fun with the new Facebook Profile layout

Everybody’s been talking about this.

And now you can create your own with this webapp.

But we’ve been creating alphabet photo galleries, so you can tag your friends and do this.

Childish but BLOODY funny.


This is smart too.

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More Kinect Goodness

Few more gems from the weekend. So much exciting stuff going on.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Interactive Puppet Prototype

Hacked Kinect sending OSC via Processing using iPad

The KinectBot

Kinect Controls Windows 7

Music Technology

Code Is Cool. A Linux interface for Spotify

I like this. It takes me back to my days of messing around with DR-DOS and MS-DOS.

These guys are in a different league though.

What you’re actually seeing is despotify, an open source Spotify client and gateway to their service.

The client features a text based user interface as a proof of concept of the underlying code.

Rock on.

YouTube link.