OpenKinect project – Hacking the Xbox 360 Kinect Controller

I think this is massive. The technology itself that opens up lots of opportunities and fundamentally changes the way we interact with ads, removing controllers, buttons, keyboards, handsets and mice. Xbox have just launched the Xbox 360 Kinect Controller. The Challenge: getting rid of the barrier 30+ years of interacting with computers and technology throughContinue reading “OpenKinect project – Hacking the Xbox 360 Kinect Controller”

Face Pong. It’s like Pong, but with your face. Face PONG from Matt Ditton on Vimeo. via Nice bit of tracking so you can use your face as the main input. Written using the OpenCV library for processing. Matt Ditton is hands on with quite of different things. Programming, photography, indie games development, tech art, environment modeler, university lecturer, DVA student. ToContinue reading “Face Pong. It’s like Pong, but with your face.”