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Are You Up For A Digital Dare?

I vaguely remember this from school. Don’t remember it being called a ‘chatterbox’ though. Nice idea though.

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Receipt Racer at OFFF Festival 2011

The receipt racer combines different in and output devices into a complete game. It was made during the “Let’s feed the future workshop”, part of the OFFF Festival in Barcelona on June 8th 2011.

via the excellent Denstu Dark Energy blog.

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MINI Getaway Stockholm 2010

A game where you have to stay at least 50 metres away from everybody else in Stockholm playing. If you succeed, you win the new MINI Countryman. Simple.

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IBM present: What is Watson?

IBM are building a “natural language processing” computer code named “Watson” which they plan to compete in the game show Jeopardy.

More here:

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Starwars: Force Unleashed II

Exclusive trailer from E3 2010. Full of epic CG madness.

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Beat Fleet, student work by Filip Kostovic

Beat Fleet is his bachelor work for the university of arts in Zürich.. It’s a music game using timecoded vinyl (by MsPinky) as the interface. Two turntables as input devices control the action on the z- and x-axis.


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Incredible Gran Turismo 5 footage


Real or CG. Gran Turismo 5 is blurring the lines even more.

Took a couple of viewings for my eyes to tell the difference on one of the shots.

Technically impressive. Can’t wait to see what the game play is like.


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Face Pong. It’s like Pong, but with your face.

Face PONG from Matt Ditton on Vimeo.


Nice bit of tracking so you can use your face as the main input.

Written using the OpenCV library for processing.

Matt Ditton is hands on with quite of different things. Programming, photography, indie games development, tech art, environment modeler, university lecturer, DVA student. To find out more, see and his Flickr here. Not bad eh.


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6 Old School Racing Games… Ahhh The Memories!

I ended up whizzing through YouTube last night looking at games I used to play as a kid, just wanted to put some up here and see who else used to play these bad boys.

In no particular order, here’s 6 of the racing games from my youth.


Hard Drivin’ – One of my all-time faves. It was the world first driving simulator to use 3-D polygon graphics.

Outrun – Absolute classic. Used to play this on a Saturday at the sports centre. Check the music out.


Stunt Car Raver – One of my all time faves this. Loved it! Brilliant physics for the bounce control.

Lombard RAC Rally – I got really good at this when I was more into Rally.

Test Drive – I think this franchise is still going strong, similar to The Need for Speed.

MicroPose Geoff Crammond’s F1 GP – This one got me through some late nights at uni. It had a multi-player mode where the pc took over so a bunch of you could play. This one marketed itself more as a “simulator”. Loved it. (Gameplay starts at 3m05)