Touchscreen is SO last year. Mind Control is where it’s at.

Couple of interesting projects from Toyota and B-Reel using Mind Control. Muwhahahah. What would a Prius look like if it were a bike instead of a car? Really nice project by @Toyota, @SaatchiLA, @Deeplocal, and @parlee_z1 B-Reel UK creative director Riccardo Giraldi took this idea and made it a reality, using a Scalextric car, the ArduinoContinue reading “Touchscreen is SO last year. Mind Control is where it’s at.”

Stark HUD Display 2020 Stark Expo 2010: Fujikawa from PPC Interactive on Vimeo. As shown at the Howard Stark 2010 Expo. More Iron Man related niceness. Can I have mine now please? There are LOADS more Iron Man 2 promo / viral / good bits here. Definitely have a look: