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Inglourious Basterds. Quentin Tarantino’s Camera Angel


Watch it once before reading this next bit. Then watch it again.

You will notice the initials on Camera Angel’s clapboard correspond to what she says before the scene.

This is from the DVD extras. The Camera Angel and the DoP have worked with Tarantino for years and the actors love her.


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Monday mood lift: School chorus perform Pheonix ‘Lisztomania’


This is why teaching music and making it part of growing up is so important.

Amazingly uplifting and some of the kids are really going for it!!

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Chatroulette Piano Improv

Yes I know that everyone is pinging Chatroulette stuff around the moment – but this deserves the limelight. I’ll spare all the waffle but if you haven’t seen it all you need to know is:

1 – Merton creates Chatroulette Piano Improv.
2 – Ben Fold creates Ode to Merton.


Bens Fold Five performs “Piano Ode to Merton”


The Original Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv


Suddenly Chatroulette seems a lot less scary and dark.

Brilliant stuff from both these guys.

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Four Lions Trailer. Chris Morris returns.

More; including a phone interview with Chris Morris –

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Oh Hello..!

Squirrel photos are so 2009.

Seal photos are where it’s at in 2010.

Cats never fade through.

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Seaside Madness from Cyriak


The day Worthing sea-front was invaded by infinite teddy-bears.

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Comedian Doug Stanhope on the US News Media networks

I thought long and hard about posting these videos because I imagine quite a few people won’t like a) what Doug Stanhope has to say, and b) the way he says it.

His bio reads like a NSFW website warning: “Dougs material ranges from true-life graphic perversion to volatile social criticism. Doug is vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited and is certainly not for everybody.” But I think his observations are dead on.

The following are all from Season 2 of Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe.

Fear in the US News Media

Late Night TV Hosts

Media Generated Celebrities

Coverage of Environmental Issues

Your Opinion on the News

For more search for “Doug Stanhope” on YouTube.

Or take a look at

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Look at the state of these ads on YouTube

How cheap does it make YouTube and the video content look.

1/ Join Free, Flirt Now.
2/ I built a Free website.

The be fair the “flirt ad” is the main offender here, it’s pretty shocking.

At least the Yola ad has some design around the stock photo.

The only bonus is that someone has written a great little spoof “link building” comment underneath. 🙂

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About to go stellar. OK Go “This Too Shall Pass”

via YouTube

Filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The “machine” was designed and built by the band, along with members of Synn Labs over the course of several months.

This is the Rube Goldberg machine version. In other words, a video depicting complex devices that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways.

Currently at 679 views. Expect a jump soon.