Terrace Tweets – Umbro FA Cup Final campaign


Terrace Tweets measures the support of football fans on Twitter. Mention your team or the FA cup in your tweets and watch your team’s support during the match.

Nice idea / design / execution. Campaign on a page with a bit of product at the bottom.

Have a look:



Umbro Speciali Competition

I wrote a blog post about the Customise your Speciali for Umbro – which I entered but didn’t win.

No surprise there to be honest.

Anyway I thought people might be interested in seeing the results the competition produced. I know Umbro are really happy with the outcome, and I think they look pretty cool. The dressed shoe bottom is designed by David Smith. The lion made up of Umbro logos is by Marko Govorusa. The mouth is made by Tom Fournier.






Really nice work – and props to Anomaly and Enjoy This.

Their new work for the England Away kit it here – http://www.umbro.com/#/away

Kasabian Football Hero

Sony Music has created a film in which footballers use their ball skills – instead of small plastic replica guitars – to control a specially created Guitar Hero style game. Why? To promote Kasabian’s single, Underdog…

YouTube link.

I love the technicians in this “Behind The Scenes..”

YouTube link.