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Forget Happy Slapping. Facebook! is way more dangerous.

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Diesel ExcelBook: Be Stupid At Work

Downloadable app that makes Facebook look like a spreadsheet. Like the idea. Don’t like the video. Skip to 30secs to avoid most of the annoyance.

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SAS: Up For Grabs

Facebook campaign created for Scandinavian Airlines. The campaign violated Facebook T&Cs and was pulled but they managed to finish the competition and the video is at 20,000+ view and rising.

Simple and smart. Props CP+B Europe.

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Porsche 1m Thank You’s

Porsche tags one million Facebook fans on a 911 GT3 R race car. What better way to involve petrol heads and give them something to brag about and share.

You can find your name on special campaign site –

Good find by Kev and Dom.

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Fun with the new Facebook Profile layout

Everybody’s been talking about this.

And now you can create your own with this webapp.

But we’ve been creating alphabet photo galleries, so you can tag your friends and do this.

Childish but BLOODY funny.


This is smart too.

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When Facebook Becomes A Book

Digital as analogue. Would be great to get an annual Facebook yearbook to keep.

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

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Facebook Places. What are the benefits for brands?

Facebook Places just became the No.1 in location based services. End of.

For brands the opportunities are massive. You get all the nice bits of Foursquare (check-in, location data, feedback, competitions, redemption, vouchers, loyalty schemes, social gaming, etc) but with the 500 million people on Facebook.

There’ll be loads of smart activity based around people ‘coming together’. Wearable technology will soon enable automatic check-in to stores. Deep and immersive social gaming becomes a reality. We all know what’s possible. But now the numbers make it exciting and viable.

Everything just became connected and the wider implications are big.

Each brand needs to think about what that means for them. But If you’re doing ‘digital stuff’ well and you’ve got a high street presence. Game on.

(A version of this comment first appeared in Marketing Magazine.)

Meanwhile, the UK waits….

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Google. The Beast

It’s so easy to forget about how much personal information we hand over to Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My mind was sharply focused again today when I read today that MySpace has taken a bold step and allowed a large quantity of bulk user data to be put up for sale.

The truth is that we really have no idea how these companies will use our data for in the future.

Here’s a video which makes Google look a bit scary.

THE BEAST FILE: GOOGLE from Hungry Beast on Vimeo.

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Radiohead hit Twitter

1 message on Facebook + 1 update on Twitter = 25,000 followers in under 24 hours.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

They also been listed almost 1000 times.