An installation where viewers become performers. Night Lights installation by YesYesNo night lights from thesystemis on Vimeo. YesYesNo have made an installation that does a bit more than just projecting on buildings. They let viewers become performers, by taking their body movements and amplifying them. There’s 3 interaction types – body interaction on the two stages, hand interaction above a light table, and phone interactionContinue reading “An installation where viewers become performers. Night Lights installation by YesYesNo”

Stark HUD Display 2020 Stark Expo 2010: Fujikawa from PPC Interactive on Vimeo. As shown at the Howard Stark 2010 Expo. More Iron Man related niceness. Can I have mine now please? There are LOADS more Iron Man 2 promo / viral / good bits here. Definitely have a look:

Curious Displays Curious Displays from Julia Tsao on Vimeo. Really interesting concept video by Julia Yu Tsao. Loads more information about it on the project website here:

Mathematics is the language of nature Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo. This stunning short film is inspired by numbers, geometry and nature. Sit back and enjoy the ride. More info about the project here.

IBM Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard from milton cj on Vimeo. I heard Adam Greenfield of Do projects talk at The Future of Advertising a few weeks back. (He’s worth checking out if you get chance). One of the things he’s interested in is how advertising impacts the urban environment. And advertising as something that canContinue reading “IBM Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard”