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Mobile Login with Face & Voice Recognition

Logging into Twitter with your face from The Next Web on Vimeo.

Technology being developed at the University of Manchester, UK as part of a European project could make your phone a lot more secure by requiring both your face and your voice in order to log in to your favourite services.

Brilliant until somebody holds up a photo of you and plays back a recording.

Can’t remember who I got this from sorry.

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Browser Scrollbar Experiment

Reacts to you mouse. Works in Safari 4 and Chrome.

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png

Have a go for yourself:

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WordPress Debug Theme

When your WordPress installs fail and you need more information – the debug theme is perfect.


On the home page, it displays the important URL’s, editor, memory setting, etc. On sub pages it shows the page type, all the query vars that are set and the SQL query for that particular page.


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Pockets: Visual Voicemail for Twitter

Pockets lets you leave a private voicemail for anyone on Twitter and they’ll be notified via @reply.

Early days, but looks promising.


Another one of those cool / innovative apps growing around the Twitter ecosystem.

It uses the simple Twitter OAuth for authentication.

via Tom Ajello

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Laser + Sound

YouTube link.

Contour tracking laser by Daito Manabe.

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Minority Report in real life. You can play Cruise!

Chances are you’ve already seen this, but here’s g-speak from Oblong Industries.
g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

If some of the core ideas are familiar from the film Minority Report, the similarity is no coincidence.

One of Oblong’s founders served as science advisor to Minority Report and based the design of those scenes directly on his work at MIT.

More here.

Technology Web – endless Lifestream scrolling


I wanted to cut down on the number of sites I was promoting and saw Russell Davies had signed-up for a Soup account. I took a look and was hooked.

The registration is devastatingly well thought through.

You customise the look of the site and import all your feeds before it asks you to choose a username so they can ‘remember’ you settings. By that time you’re already hooked as you have a sense of ownership.

You’ve also had change to play with another really snazzy feature.

Using a nice bit of Ajax the site loads in more and more content when you get to the bottom of a page. I’ve got my blog, Delicious, Flickr,, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and YouTube feeds imported and scrolling endlessly.

If you want to have a crack yourself here’s a JQuery implementation for endless scrolling.

It’s a really fresh piece of functionality but you should check it out for yourself: