A Couple Of Thoughts From Twitter

Now and again you read something that perfectly sums up the jumble of thoughts in your head.

I think these 2 are spot on.


I’ve cracked it! do stuff people like! then people will like you more and maybe buy some of your stuff. if it’s good stuff.

James Cooper

Spend money on doing something interesting. Then make YouTube film about it rather than TV ad.

Anyone got any others?

Glenn Beck – The Onion Just NAILED Him!

News as entertainment. Entertainment as news. Confusing?

I read recently that teens were getting their “real news” from satirical tv news programmes like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Plus – once you begin to understand how media ‘makes the news’ you can’t watch it in the same way. Brass Eye and Screenwipe spring to mind as the main influencers for me.

News media doesn’t help itself when it gives airtime to weirdo dangerous pinheads like Glenn Beck. However, The Onion just smashed him into a million tiny pieces. I love the Onion.

The Onion – Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

If you don’t know who Glenn Beck is then watch this clip from Screenwipe by Charlie Brooker. It’s a brilliant bit of television that should be required viewing for all media students.

Beck gets going at 7m45secs.

Charlie Brooker on British and American TV News

Can you believe this guy’s got a primetime slot on a major network.

Ringing alarm bells yet?

Born Again: Derek and Clive

Nick Love and Danny Dyer discuss their film Outlaw and the critical reaction it received.

This is the official DVD directors commentary. This is not a piss-take. Believe it or not.

Contains strong language.

YouTube link.

Absolutely hilarious. What pair of clowns.

Here’s a little extra – Danny Dyer getting a lesson from some East End nutter called Mo.

Check out the last ‘clip’ he gives him.

YouTube link.


Christopher Walken Impressions

Asians doing Christopher Walken impressions on Comedy Central. Obviously.

3rd guy nails it. Last one is worse than mine.

YouTube link.

One more then.

Kevin Pollock doing Christopher Walken doing “The Aristocrats

YouTube link.

What a complete dude.

Ok just one more impression because it’s pretty good.

Matt Damon doing Matthew McConaughey

YouTube link.

Sweden’s Got Talent

We got some 10-year girl old booing her eyes out – so much so that Cowell decided he could push the News At Ten back.

Other lowlights were of course the yawn inducing Susan Boyle saga. “Like yeah man… she was a bit ugly but had an amazing voice. How is that possible?”. Singing lessons. Anyone can have them.

Anyway – I’m tuning into the Swedish one next year.

Here’s two of their entrants… broadcast on National TV.

Duchess Dubois

The Crispbread Dance

Can you imagine this on ITV – the country would go into meltdown.

Glug London vs Glue London

Next up in the excellent series of Glug London nights is this little cracker…


For this event they’ve hired the very cool Queen of Hoxton, roof terrace and basement. The event will start from 6pm upstairs on the roof with a free BBQ (and paid bar).

From 8pm (hopefully just before the sun sets on London town) we’ll move down to the basement where Dan, Ian, Matt and Scam from Glue London will be putting together a short talk and run through of recent work. They’ll also be holding some mini workshops.

Unfortunately due to capacity they can only allow 350 to this event so please get your rsvp’s in quick via www.meetup.com/gluglondon.

It’s gonna be a cracker.. so get registered and get down there..!!

The White House – Open For Questions

The White House has launched a new web site where anyone can submit and vote up their most important questions for President Obama.

Activity on the site will culminate in Obama addressing the top questions on Thursday, March 26.


The site is powered by Google Moderator and the usability closely follows the social voting on Digg.

It’s perception that’s important here.

I’ve taken part if a few Downing Street E-Petitions but the tone still feels like “Us Against Them”. And the result is the Government usually tells you politely to “get stuffed”. And that they were right all along.

Only time will tell how Obama chooses to use this platform.