iPhone Enabled: “Take Me Out” by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway

There need never be another iPhone commercial after this one — and it’s not one. This video was filmed unannounced on Friday October 8, 2010 aboard the New York City B Train, over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn and edited from 3 iPhone cameras. All footage is performed 100% live and executed in one take.Continue reading “iPhone Enabled: “Take Me Out” by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway”

Google Art Project

You’ve probably already seen this. But just in case. Google teamed up with 17 art museums to create a unique collection of a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail, using a combination of Streetview technology and a special gigapixel camera. Watch the Behind The Scenes video for more detail. Art Project – Visitor Guide BehindContinue reading “Google Art Project”

Twist Our Words

Big love for this for Channel 4 by LMFM The idea has been around for ages (celebrity soundboards, edited political speeches and Chris Morris bastardised interviews) but this is lots of fun, has a nice design, it’s simple to create and share and you MIGHT GET YOURS ON THE TELLY!! All pre-moderated word wise, soContinue reading “Twist Our Words”

Gimme Pizza! – Superweird Slow Motion

First, super-slow-mo Justin Bieber songs, and now a slow motion version of the Olsen Twins “Gimme Pizza?” Yes, folks, 2010 seems to be the year the internet discovered that slowing things down makes them over 9000 times better. The slow version of Gimme Pizza is so creepy that you won’t be able to look away.Continue reading “Gimme Pizza! – Superweird Slow Motion”

Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a four part series that investigates the history of remixing, sampling, stealing, transforming and how that mentality spills out of the context of music and into a wider mindset. You could even say that everything is a remix. Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo. Can’t wait toContinue reading “Everything is a Remix”