Interactive Window Display

This installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays which is capable of showing different visualisations based on the presence and movement of people.

La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.

Moment Factory developed the interactive system and content. Photonic Dreams created the LED video wall.

Exhibition. The Anti Paparazzi Bag



The bag is part of a set of exhibition pieces from Adam Harvey.

When the bag senses a flash it will send out a brighter flash to blind the camera.

It was originally part of a project but now he’s applying for a patent.

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Other exhibitions include:

Pixel Averages – an exhibition of pixel-averaged images created by using an processing technique that calculates the average sum of pixels in a group of images.


Spam, Porn and Art – an exhibition of digital art that reclaims subject lines of spam emails by mapping them into large-scale pornographic forms using algorithms.


Take 5 minutes to have a look at his work.

Digital meme influences the art world. The worlds largest LOLcat so far?

San Franciso artist Josh Zubkoff has created a mural to LOLcats on the side of a building. I’d love to see more memes take on as graffiti.


Troy McClure SF got a great shot of the finished work.


The original “Invisible Bike” image


via Laughing Squid

Confused? LOLcats anthropomorphised with badly spelled captions have spawned LOLspk.

Still Confused…? speak to a Digital Planner.

more LOLcats:

Beautiful computer generated art from Flight404

Solar, with lyrics. from flight404 on Vimeo.

Expect to seem something similar on TV soon, probably a BMW ad.

It was created using Processing, an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. Set the player to Fullscreen mode and enjoy.