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Meet Gboard: Search. GIFs. Emojis & more. Right from your keyboard

In 2014 a few of us had been talking about future surfaces and interfaces. There’d been some conversations about text as interface and other stuff. We’d played with the idea of using the keyboard as a space to try a little hack. But nothing had bitten, so we put it away in the top drawer.

In 2015 another project we’d been working on inspired a few people to take a fresh look. They made a Spark Card (a one-page slide that summarizes an idea) for a Google powered keyboard and called it Gboard. We sketched design concepts. Made mocks and thew together a quick prototype. People were into it. So we made a shiny deck and site, put a bow on it, and gave the idea to Google.

We then paused everything to focus on creating a new brand system for Google. You can read more about that here – but it meant we were heads down and went dark for months.

Early concept sketches
Early concept sketches

During that time a team in Mountain View starting looking at making a keyboard for iOS. Google had a great keyboard for Android and wanted to make something for iPhone users. We started talking and soon a small team from Creative Lab were out on the West Coast for a design sprint.

In a few months we had builds ready for Teamfood, Fishfood, Dogfood and shortly afterwards a production build ready to ship. We got our final Apple approvals and on Thursday May 12th we flipped the switch…. Gboard was live in the AppStore.

Google announced it:

Shared the videos on YouTube:

Press starting talking about the features:

Google in your keyboard
Search in your keyboard
Emoji search, GIF search, Glide typing

And people seem to like it:



















Early results look good:

– #1 in App Store
– 4.5★ rating from 3,500+ reviews
– 350k downloads on day 1 in US

I’m happy with this one. A new product from beginning to end, and supporting launch comms. A small team with a wide skill set came together to make something great. Love that. It would’ve been impossible to get it done without an amazing team. You know who you are. Thanks for the big effort. And to everyone who’s still reading… download, install, enjoy, we hope you like it.

Get it now in the App Store in English in the U.S., with more languages to come.

Apple AppStore
Official Google Blogpost
Launch Video (1.2m views)
YouTube Series (395k view)
Instagram Social Video (89k views)

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Creative Design Google Mobile Visual

Meet Gboard

Something new.


Creative Design Google Technology

Tap To Translate

Something new.

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Egg Timer iPhone app

Love this app for Kalles that tells you how to boil the perfect egg, but also puts a playlist together that, when finished, means your egg is ready. It’s a small thing but a really nice touch.

I see way too many apps that are packed with “things” and “features” that don’t do any of them very well. Much prefer this single focus / brilliant execution approach.

By CP+B Europe, the app has already been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Apple Music Technology

Konkreet Performer app

A new music control and performance instrument for iPad. Its multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s
 actions directly with the music. Use Performer to play your Synth, operate your DAW, or anything that receives OSC or MIDI.

Available now in the app store!​app/​konkreet-performer/​id417418467?mt=8

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Uzu. A kinetic multitouch particle visualizer for the iPad

Bit of a mouthful. Kinda defies description. But I like it.


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Very cool iPhone “Voice Control” alarm clock app


I’m going to try this out later.

Interesting to go for completely voice / no-touch in an app, but I like the look of it.


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Make London rose-tinted

Photos of Streatham, taken with the Cross Process iPhone app.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Nike and Coke release iPhone apps

The big boys are coming to mobile, we all know that, and it seems people are happy using ‘branded’ apps as long as they’re kinda useful.

Coke go for their take on Spin The Bottle. It’s OK. Not something you can imagine using that often. Maybe one for the “yoofs”.

Nike offers a bit more. Training Club lets you login to your Nike Women account. There’s also links to your workout plan via YouTube.

Both are nicely designed, but Nike pips it for me.

Nike app developed by R/GA





Coke app developed by Sapient





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