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Address Is Approximate

Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins.


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The Story of GENKI

Avert your eyes. David OReilly has a new animation.


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Brilliant Promo for ‘Is Tropical’

Wicked mix of film and animation in this music promo for ‘Is Tropical’.

Directed by MEGAFORCE
Animation by 7 at Machine Molle
Produced by Jules Dieng at Elnino

“Native to” – Out June 13th on Kitsuné / Cooperative and June 2nd on Traffic.

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Pixar’s Zoetrope

Lovely stuff from Pixar.

Thanks to Tom for sharing this.

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Marcel The Shell

Super cute animation.

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A mobile 3D exhibition: i3DG Palm Top Theater

i3DG is a playful analog extension to an iPhone, converting its 2D display into a layered 3D view.

Watch this video. Brilliant idea. I love it!

Using the very old technique of placing a halfsilvered mirror at a 45-degree angle in front of an image, in a novel new context, the project serves as a timely critique of the popular memes of 3D displays and iPhones. As a gadget peripheral, i3DG can support a wide range of different applications, ranging from simple 3D videos and animations to accelerometer based games.

Jitsuro Mase , Tom Nagae (JP) / DIRECTIONS, Inc.

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Google Street View

Lovely animation to promote Google Street View.

GOOGLE STREET VIEW from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

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Manga Style Madness: Todor & Petru

TODOR & PETRU from CRCR on Vimeo.

Awesome film produced by five students at the Gobelins School of Image.

Made from photos and 2D animations.


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The Music Animation Machine presents…

Lovely music / graphics, via Mark in the studio here at glue.