The build of the We Like Small iPod wall The iPod Wall from welikesmall on Vimeo. We Like Small built a wall made from 20 iPods and built an app that display photos from a library randomly across all iPhones or as a large image split between iPhones. Future releases will allow all sorts of external user interaction. Plenty of blurb on theContinue reading “The build of the We Like Small iPod wall”

New distorted ads from Sony + Honda

A couple of new pieces of work from 2 agencies that I really admire. Can’t decide about these. What do you think? Sony 3D by Anomaly Credits: Agency: Anomaly, London Creative Director: Mike Byrne Director: Frank Budgen Production: Gorgeous Enterprises Producer: Rupert Smythe Honda CR-Z by Wieden + Kennedy Credits: Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London Creatives: SamContinue reading “New distorted ads from Sony + Honda”

Help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation this Christmas

Send a Xmas wish with the glue London 2009 Xmas card – and we’ll donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Just share your wish on Twitter with the hashtag #tweetawish – and we’ll do the rest. We’ve partnered with Titan Outdoor so all your festive wishes are being showing live in Liverpool Street station. There’s alsoContinue reading “Help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation this Christmas”

Advertising trends explained… via Toshiba and Grey London

Toshiba Space Chair Project by Grey London YouTube link. Escape Vehicle no.6 (chair in space), Simon Faithfull, 2004, 4min extract YouTube link. Looks like it all kicked off on the “Making Of..” page – then this appeared: Toshibas new Space Chair ad was inspired by a sub culture of scientists and artists who send objectsContinue reading “Advertising trends explained… via Toshiba and Grey London”

Our Path To Truly Rich, Personalised Video Experiences

Dom wrote this feature for the 1st anniversary of the rebranded Revolution magazine. This is a copy+paste of the expanded version posted on his blog. It gives you a glimpse into a some of the projects I’ve worked on at glue, and the technologies we’re looking into at the moment. — Little did I knowContinue reading “Our Path To Truly Rich, Personalised Video Experiences”

Robots Wear Nike Too. More Impressive Spec Work

Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects created this impressive ‘spec commercial inspired by Nike’ in 1 month. YouTube link. We’re starting to see more and more great spec / off-roster / unofficial / unpaid work for some brands. All this just as Coke are looking into paying agencies purely on a results based model. Will thisContinue reading “Robots Wear Nike Too. More Impressive Spec Work”

Audi vs BMW. Let Battle Commence

This quick thinking from Juggernaut Advertising is proving good enough to make a local campaign for BMW Santa Monica go global. The cheeky response to an Audi campaign is spreading round agencies and car forums like wildfire. Audi Challenge BMW Riposte The Poster going up overnight Gotta love a good old advertising battle.

Advertising trends explained… via Visa and Saatchi & Saatchi

Saatchi & Saatchi continue their “resurgence”. First was the T-Mobile “Grand Central Freeze”… sorry “Liverpool Street Dance” Next up is Visa “Work It Out”… sorry “Life Flows Better” The creatives saw Bill Shannon in this music video as part of the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors showcase, and just knew he was the embodiment ofContinue reading “Advertising trends explained… via Visa and Saatchi & Saatchi”