Microsoft Gets Into Mobile Tagging

At CES Microsoft introduced Microsoft Tag, a system that enables users to instantly access mobile content,, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, etc. simply by pointing the device’s camera to a custom tag.

If this makes you think of QR codes, you’re not the only one.

Like QR codes, Microsoft Tags are unique two-dimensial codes that can be used to open URLs or multimedia files. The big difference is the technology behind it.

Tags doesn’t actually store any information, except for a unique ID which can fetch more data stored on Microsoft servers. That’s how they allow more information to be “attached”.



They’ve already launched an iPhone app and a most other handsets have a mobile reader.

There’s loads more info over at

via Techcrunch

Loading 99% – The Fine Art of the Pre-Loader

You’ve got quite a bit of “stuff” you need to load. You wanna keep people entertained and on the site, but it’s gotta have a light file size. Welcome to the world of the pre-loader.

The guys over at Big Spaceship have started up Pretty Loaded, a museum dedicated to pre-loaders.

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png

There’s a Twitter account too so you get updates when fresh content gets added.

A Film Crew, and Radio 1 Xtra Come To Visit

As part of the Radio 1 and 1Xtra challenge Trevor Nelson and his crew dropped into glue recently to check out his alternative career as a “coding genius”.

Rob gave them a sneak peak at how we created our latest campaign for Bacardi. (Click the pic – opens in new a window)

Picture 1.png

It’s called Bacardi B-Live Beatology, and at it’s heart is a face mapping app which transforms a photo of you or a friend into the UK beatbox champion Beardyman.

Amongst other stuff the app accepts uploads from mobile and webcam, and delivery to loads of touchpoints inc. email, mobile, facebook, widgets, qr code, etc.

We did a demo of the full version at the Adobe MAX conference in Dec and it got a huge reaction, so i’m gonna try and write something “proper” about it soon… it’s just where to start.

Advertising trends explained via BBC and RKCR/Y&R

I’ve just seen the new ad from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/ Y&R for BBC 6Music. Click the pic (opens in new a window)


Here’s the blurb:

“The BBC is hailing 6Music as the radio signal to tune into if you want to “Get an Earful” of the latest music in a new TV spot. The animated creature, drawn in graffiti, makes his way around the walls of London sucking up musical influences on his way.”

Here’s another cool animated graffiti wall that might’ve been some inspiration.

A short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden.
Uploaded: 09 May 2008.
Views: 3,564,300

They’ve done a load of cool and weird animations take a look.

Compare The Meerkat

Here’s a car insurance ad that actually made me laugh out loud. I’d love to see the strategy doc for this.

Anyway.. talking animals with funny accents and catchphrases rock.


While we’re at it… who remembers this beauty? Me and lads back home used to bust this line out at some of the discothèques we haunted.

“Have you ever seen mi dancing, you know… Really Dancing!!”

I’ve always been a big a fan of Vinny, the cuddly mafia-esque Panda who loves his Fox’s…