Call Max!! Max Clifford gets his pants pulled down on camera

Looks like someone has finally turned to tables on “PR-guru” and “arsehole extraordinaire” Max Clifford.

The makers on the new film called Star Suckers have released a viral to promote the film. Here’s the blurb:

“We were worried that by catching Max Clifford on undercover camera boasting about the things he does to protect his clients, we might have lost him some business. When the film was released back in October, we wrote to Max telling him what we had done, and his immediate response was to call infamous law firm Carter Ruck and threaten us with an injunction. But if his clients like Simon Cowell found out their their publicist was mouthing off about them like this, it might hit Max’s bottom line. So we made a little advert for Max to help him drum up some more business.”

I’m going to try write something about Starsuckers soon, but you can see the trailer here. Looks like it’s one to watch –

Unlink Your Feeds – A Manifesto


You need to unlink your feeds.

I understand why you did it. I’ve made the same mistake myself. But it’s hurting your friends, it’s hurting you, and it’s hurting the Internet. You need to stop.

You need to stop automatically dumping your feeds from one account into another.

Look, I know it’s tempting. New service, not sure how you’ll keep up with the ever demanding maw and there’s the “import your content” button, right there in the sign-up process. A quick trip through a login screen or an OAuth link and there you are: All your stuff automatically aggregated into a new one-stop-shop of the genius things that pop out of your head.

No muss, no fuss, right?

This is an illusory solution. It’s a false idol. It’s contributing to noise pollution on the Internet and the only people it helps are company execs who want to make spurious claims about “user engagement”. It’s diminishing the quality of your output and of others’ experiences.

You need to unlink your feeds and put a tiny bit more effort into using each service for what it is.