Waitrose using QR Codes on TV

Spotted this at the weekend. Waitrose are using a QR code on their Xmas TV ad. It’s a nice idea, but I had to stop the Sky box, rewind the TV, press pause, get my iPhone out, open a QR code reader, then take a photo. (It didn’t work btw). Who on earth is goingContinue reading “Waitrose using QR Codes on TV”

Internet + TV = The Battle for the Living Room

This month we’ve been thinking about how 2011 is shaping up for that 42” screen sitting quietly in the corner of your living room. Because when the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Apple, and Google start focusing on delivering services for the tv… know something’s going on. It’s not just the digital big boys either. AContinue reading “Internet + TV = The Battle for the Living Room”

OpenKinect project – Hacking the Xbox 360 Kinect Controller

I think this is massive. The technology itself that opens up lots of opportunities and fundamentally changes the way we interact with ads, removing controllers, buttons, keyboards, handsets and mice. Xbox have just launched the Xbox 360 Kinect Controller. The Challenge: getting rid of the barrier 30+ years of interacting with computers and technology throughContinue reading “OpenKinect project – Hacking the Xbox 360 Kinect Controller”

Orange Balloonacy – The Great Internet Balloon Race

Noticed a little animal bouncing and some funny clouds? Don’t panic – I’ve signed this site up to be part of Balloonacy 2010. It’s a great little game by Poke for Orange. Tom who sits opposite me won last year, and got a trip for 8 people to Ibiza. Sounds good eh. Add your site,Continue reading “Orange Balloonacy – The Great Internet Balloon Race”