PR and Media explained… via Popbitch

A great insight into how media and celebrity are tied together from Popbitch. The shorthand version seems to be: 1. Many journalists are lazy and useless. 2. All media is biased. Read on….. STORY 1 Nadine from Girls Aloud is really splitting opinion with her solo career. It seems that whenever someone writes something niceContinue reading “PR and Media explained… via Popbitch”

The Raoul Moat saga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you might’ve noticed that a bloke called Raoul Moat has been running around trying to hide from the Police – after shooting his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.  It’s a pretty dark tale of a ex-doorman who went off the rails massively. However it’s been a pretty weirdContinue reading “The Raoul Moat saga”

WIN! Owl Transforms Into Battle Mode

Owls are generally pretty cool but this Southern White-faced Owl is like a final boss in a video game. When he sees potential enemies, he transforms into one of two battle modes. In the first, he puffs himself up, bugs out his eyes, and squats like some kind of battle tank. But when he’s facingContinue reading “WIN! Owl Transforms Into Battle Mode”

Hello. I am back.

Sorry about the lack of regular updates here. I know it’s been a bit sporadic. Work’s been mega busy. One major headline is that glue London is now called glue Isobar so we’ve been having fun with email addresses, business cards, logos, website updates, social media, servers. Sexy stuff eh. I’ve also share a lot ofContinue reading “Hello. I am back.”

Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age Walking on Eggshells: Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age from Brendan Schlagel on Vimeo. Interesting film about intellectual property and remix culture. “Walking on Eggshells” is a 24-minute documentary about appropriation, creative influence, re-use and intellectual property in the remix age. Worth a watch. Full details here. via

MP4-12C: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton test McLaren’s new road car via Ultimate job? Probably. Watch Lewis and Jenson put McLaren’s new MP4-12C through its paces at Goodwood race circuit. McLaren revealed the performance of its 1300 kg sportscar with the following figures; 0-200km/h in under 10 secs, 1/4 mile in around 11 seconds and top speed over 200mph.