Hello London. I’m back.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m a bit all over the place. My wife and I took a Virgin Atlantic flight on Thursday night from New York and landed at Heathrow on Friday morning. It was a one-way trip. Wait? What? After nearly three and half amazing years in New York, I’m back in London. I’m excited to say I’mContinue reading “Hello London. I’m back.”

1 month in at Stinkdigital

Some (not very good photos) of Stinkdigital London. I’m 1 month into my new role as Exec Producer: here’s 10 things I’ve noticed. We work direct with brands and in partnership with agencies. We get lots of enquiries. We are lucky enough to be selective about the work we take on. We have a core ofContinue reading “1 month in at Stinkdigital”

I’m Still Here

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. Work has been mad busy. After 10 great years in Shoreditch – glue Isobar are moving to new offices near Regents Park. We’re moving into a brand new space with other Aegis Media agencies, such as Posterscope, iProspect, Carat, Vizeum, and more. We made the “Ultimate Moving Card”Continue reading “I’m Still Here”

A Morning on YouTube

Thought I’d share what my brain has been bombarded with. I think I need help. Green Wing – The Alphabet Song Safety Video How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking The Scrollwheel GTA 4 Carmageddon – 2! WTF Japan Seriously: Broken Wear WTF Japan: Eagle Dance Uranus Self Anal Massage for Men viaContinue reading “A Morning on YouTube”