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Twist Our Words

Big love for this for Channel 4 by LMFM

The idea has been around for ages (celebrity soundboards, edited political speeches and Chris Morris bastardised interviews) but this is lots of fun, has a nice design, it’s simple to create and share and you MIGHT GET YOURS ON THE TELLY!!

All pre-moderated word wise, so it’s down to your creative thinking.

Here’s mine –

Create your own –

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We need more teachers like this!!

RT @adlandsuit: This is one of the geekiest things I’ve ever seen. I rather love it.

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WoW: The Red Shirt Guy

Best question at the Blizzard World of Warcraft: Quests and Lore Q&A

What A Boss!! And if you’re wondering what they’re talking about. Here’s the game.

Wait for Leroy!!

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Half Life – Gman

Half Life 2 came with some mod tools that let you play with the in-game assets, like character models, environment, etc. Some mad dude opened up the mod tools, loaded stuff in from the libraries, and then mucked about with it. Enjoy…

The Idiots of Garry’s Mod

I know no idea there was a whole community of this mad shit.


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Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring, Bananaphone

Half Life 2 Bananaphone music video (made with HL² GMod)

Bananaphone Flash Animation

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Virtual Cats LULZ

We’ve been pissing ourselves at work today looking at some of these. Don’t ask.

Virtual Tortoiseshell or Calico Pussycat

Kitty Litter Physics Animation

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Virgin Media goes Looney Toons

Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all of “Mehico” is the new face of Virgin Media.

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Cassetteboy vs Billy Connolly

A new joke out of some old ones.

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Hilarious Football Mascot Race

A football mascot race involving squirrels, hippos and giant dogs. Welcome to the UK’s Mascot Grand National.