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Classic TV moments of retro-futuristic logo animation.

As if to reinforce the my thoughts about the gradual decline of standout design in TV titling, this came around the office today off the back of a link the new Justice video, DNVO.

Although they’re all from the USA (so not classic LWT themes) there’s Stephen J Cannell, Hannah-Barbera, Ubu Productions… and many other happy memories here! Enjoy.

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iStick – a fusion of iPhone and iPod shuffle


What do you get when you cross an iPhone with an iPod shuffle? Designer Alexei Mikhailov has dreamed up this gadget to show what he thinks that hybrid should look like.

The iStick is modeled after a tube of lipstick. However, all four sides have a touchscreen providing for a slick interface.

Read more:

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Cardboard Pocket Synths and Miniature Analogues


Amazingly detailed hand-made models from Dan McPharlin.

Check out the full set:

Design Funny

Fantastic beermats from Love



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Lets Go To Lapland. Merry Xmas from glue London


This year we’re cycling to Lapland for charity, and you can watch it via a live webcam.

Take a look at our 2007 Xmas card:

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The Absolutely Scariest Colors Imaginable? Chromatophobia palettes

What do you make of this?
Scary Palette

Maybe not much until you see this.
Colour Fear

Chromatophobia is the fear of colours, and there’s more schemes inspired by things like the fear of needles, spiders and sleeping here:

Advertising Creative Design

Great animation for V-Water.


Fantastic animation in this viral for V-Water.

Courtesy of the Behance Network: