Targetted Facebook Ads


This guy graduated with an MBA and arrived smack-bang in the middle of a job shredding recession. So what did he do?

To try to land a job at Microsoft he bought Facebook ads that specifically targeted employees of the companies he wanted to work for.

It cost him less than $50, and he got over 20 Microsoft employees to contact him offering to help.

Smart thinking

Glug London vs Glue London

Next up in the excellent series of Glug London nights is this little cracker…


For this event they’ve hired the very cool Queen of Hoxton, roof terrace and basement. The event will start from 6pm upstairs on the roof with a free BBQ (and paid bar).

From 8pm (hopefully just before the sun sets on London town) we’ll move down to the basement where Dan, Ian, Matt and Scam from Glue London will be putting together a short talk and run through of recent work. They’ll also be holding some mini workshops.

Unfortunately due to capacity they can only allow 350 to this event so please get your rsvp’s in quick via

It’s gonna be a cracker.. so get registered and get down there..!!

Rhett & Link – At The Red House

This is amazing. It just ticks so many boxes for me…

Rhett & Link’s are two “Internetainers”. They make web videos for you.

This time they made an ad for Red House Furniture. Their proposition is that all people are welcome at the Red House.

The result deserves an award for simultaneous best/worst ad I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s so true that people can try too hard to write funny scripts and fail.

These guys seem great at getting real people and finding great lines and situations.

Here’s the Making Of…

These guys seems to quite a cult following.

As well as goofball ads – they also make short films.

Have a look at their two YouTube channels for more info.

Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link YouTube 2

Rhett & Link Website

3 ‘freedom’ by glue London

Our first TV ad for 3.

The background to it is that as a brand they really needed to do something to re-establish trust with a very cynical public.

We needed to be real, non-shouty, quietly confident and do something that didn’t try too hard.

We also had to launch mobile Skype.

Oh and we had just under four weeks from brief to going on air…….

I think it has turned out pretty well.

It’s a platform that they can build on and ‘changing mobile forever’ sets them a challenge intrenally to keep striving to improve.

The main character Jason is a lovely bloke. Lead singer of Bugz in the Attic and perfect for this.

Copy+Paste from Sebs’ (Creative Director) blog – Discomole

Audi vs BMW. Let Battle Commence

This quick thinking from Juggernaut Advertising is proving good enough to make a local campaign for BMW Santa Monica go global.

The cheeky response to an Audi campaign is spreading round agencies and car forums like wildfire.

Audi Challenge


BMW Riposte


The Poster going up overnight

Gotta love a good old advertising battle.

The Strange World of Infomercials

I’d never seen a Infomercial until I was in New York about 10 years ago. There’s something strangely hypnotic about them.

Everything about them should make you look away in revulsion. But it’s like rubber-necking at the scene of a car crash.

I decided to share a couple of straight-talking-fact-laden beauties.

Loud ‘n’ Clear

Ideal for Over-protective Parents, Hunters, Old People and Stalkers


Rated #1 Infomercial Of All Time by CNBC. Yes that’s right. They vote on them.

After the success of the ShamWow infomercial, smooth talking ‘host’ Vince Shlomi celebrated his new found superstardom by getting arrested after having a punch-up with a prostitute.

European teleshopping experiences have always let me down. I’m sticking with my 2 minute American infomercials.

As Dragnet used to say.. “I Just Want Facts Mam, Just the Facts”