Strange Projects at Google

Andy helps invent and advance Google’s future at Creative Lab. Bringing ideas to life with creativity, the arts and technology.

In 2015 he co-led the redesign of Google’s identity – the company’s biggest brand update in 16 years. And worked with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group to develop and launch Soli. A new technology using miniature radar to sense touchless gesture interactions. In 2016 he co-led the design and launch of two new products. And helped develop AI Experiments. Allowing anyone to play with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Many of the projects are confidential. But public ones have been awarded by organisations including D&AD, Creative Review, Cannes Lions, FWA, OneShow, Producthunt and Webby Awards. And covered in media including Bloomberg, Business Insider, BBC, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Re/Code, Time Magazine, The Guardian, The Verge, Vox and Wired.

Before joining Google Creative Lab –– he worked at; a global creative studio, an advertising agency, in the music industry, and a startup.

Here are some links:

goodreads: @kinsellaxyz
instagram: @kinsellaxyz
linkedin: @kinsellaxyz
twitter: @kinsellaxyz

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