Strange Projects at Google

Andy is an award-winning head of production and executive producer with over 15 years experience building teams and bringing creative ideas to life.

He’s previously worked in a global creative studio, advertising agency, the music industry, and a startup – and in 2013 moved to New York to help advance and invent Google’s future at Creative Lab. Many of his projects are confidential; but public ones have been recognised by the likes of D&AD, Creative Review, Cannes, FWA, OneShow, Producthunt and Webby Awards. Being covered in media including Bloomberg, Business Insider, BBC, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Re/Code, Time Magazine, The Guardian, The Verge, Vox and Wired.

In 2015 he co-led the redesign of Google’s identity – the company’s biggest brand update in 16 years. He also worked with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group to develop and launch Soli – a new technology using miniature radar to sense touchless gesture interactions. In 2016 he co-led the design and launch of two Google products; and helped develop AI Experiments; allowing anyone to play with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

He loves work that collides culture, the arts, creativity and technology – and over the years has been lucky to work with many amazingly talented people.

Here are some links:

goodreads: @kinsellaxyz
instagram: @kinsellaxyz
linkedin: @kinsellaxyz
twitter: @kinsellaxyz

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