Twitter Reboot™

The annual social clean-up is in progress. I’ve already shut down my Posterous and Tumblr accounts to focus on my blog. Now it’s time to deal with Twitter.

I love Twitter. It covers such an incredible spectrum of information; but recently it’s begun to feel out of control. The signal-to-noise was wrong and stuff from people I cared about was being drowned out.

I started by unfollowing a few heavy/active users. But I enjoy a lot of the stuff they share so it didn’t feel massively practical. Then @sermad suggested I made more of lists. I created a few and moved a bunch of people over.

Great! But my timeline was still too noisy.

I tried unfollowing a few more people but couldn’t create a clear mental criteria in my head.

Take my friends and ex-colleagues at glue as an example. I don’t want 180+ people on my timeline, but once you start to add a few, you’re into a strange mental world of… If I add X, I should add Y, because we did X together. In the end I was trying to do something ridiculous like:

People I worked with for more than 4 years + that I regulary went out for beers with + that use Twitter regularly + but not so much that they drown everyone else out = Following.

It wasn’t working. I got frustrated.

So I went BIG and unfollowed everybody.


It might’ve been a bit impulsive but it’s democratic and I can slowly add people back over time.

I have a nagging doubt though. It’s counter intuitive. Lists guarantee I see peoples stuff; but they think I’ve unfollowed them. Not great really. But I needed to wrestle control back of the timeline so I’ve taken the plunge.

I’m sure some people will unfollow me.

Or add me to Lists…

Don’t Call It A Comeback

I’ve been meaning to write a proper post for a long time now as this poor old blog was starting to look horribly neglected.

Truth be told; when I first started blogging I used to take the time to craft each post, there was thought and detail put into it, and the writing was much more personal.

However, over time, it slowly became something more like to a “glorified Pinterest’ of cool stuff – mainly because my job changed. And that’s all fine; BUT the site was missing the thinking that went along with all that cool shit. It’s not that the thinking wasn’t there, I did it… but time was short, and I struggled to keep it short and make it coherent. So in the end I sacrificed it.

But, as those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, after 6½ years fabulous year at glue, I recently decided it was time for a change and resigned in October 2011.

I was going to post something a bit more longform then, but to be honest my head really wasn’t in the right place. And, whisper it, but I actually quite enjoyed switching off for a bit.


So it’s January 2012, and refreshed and re-invigorated I’ve joined the super talented team at Stinkdigital. I’ll probably talk about a few of the reasons in another post – but my focus has shifted a bit. I want to reflect that here too.

In summary then… I’m back!!

All I need now is a shiny new theme.