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Diesel ExcelBook: Be Stupid At Work

Downloadable app that makes Facebook look like a spreadsheet. Like the idea. Don’t like the video. Skip to 30secs to avoid most of the annoyance.

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Jamie Woon “Lady Luck”

Lots of visual trickery. Nice promo by Vincent Haycock.

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Mission Icefly

Thousands of tiny LED lights released over the Bonaroo festival.

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Are You Up For A Digital Dare?

I vaguely remember this from school. Don’t remember it being called a ‘chatterbox’ though. Nice idea though.

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Receipt Racer at OFFF Festival 2011

The receipt racer combines different in and output devices into a complete game. It was made during the “Let’s feed the future workshop”, part of the OFFF Festival in Barcelona on June 8th 2011.

via the excellent Denstu Dark Energy blog.

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The Video Time Machine

Handpicked popular culture from 1860 – 2011.


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Egg Timer iPhone app

Love this app for Kalles that tells you how to boil the perfect egg, but also puts a playlist together that, when finished, means your egg is ready. It’s a small thing but a really nice touch.

I see way too many apps that are packed with “things” and “features” that don’t do any of them very well. Much prefer this single focus / brilliant execution approach.

By CP+B Europe, the app has already been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

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Diesel: I Like Diesel

Bringing Facebook Likes to product, in-store, with QR codes.

Expect more of this stuff.

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Robot Helicopters Playing Tennis

This is not human-piloted. The vehicles/ball are tracked by an overhead motion capture system and controlled by a pair of computers.

This amazing ball juggling experiment with quadrotors is at the ETH Flying Machine Arena, by Mark Müller, Sergei Lupashin and Raffaello D’Andrea at IDSC, ETH Zürich, Switzerland