Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a four part series that investigates the history of remixing, sampling, stealing, transforming and how that mentality spills out of the context of music and into a wider mindset. You could even say that everything is a remix.

Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to see the others.

The Week Everything Went INSTANT

Google Instant went live last week.


By the time I got in the office on Monday people had made all these:

1- YouTube Instant

2- iTunes Instant

3- Google Maps Instant

4- Google Instant Images

But is it good for us:

Google Instant is trying to Kill Me, by Charlie Brooker

I wrote this… slowly.

My Current Favourites

The Creators Project – http://www.thecreatorsproject.com/en-uk/
Intel partner with Vice Magazine. There’s just so much good content here!! Love it.

Draw and Fold Over – http://www.drawandfoldover.com
A lovely social drawing site. Choose your pen and take it in turns to draw. In association with ‘The Big Draw’ which takes place throughout October, offering drawing events for people of all ages and abilities.

Fflick.com – http://fflick.com/
A social film site that makes it simple to see the films your friends are talking about, and what they think of them. Twitter sign-in. No Facebook here.

History Pin – http://www.historypin.com/
A great project by We Are What We Do to get generations talking, sharing and coming together more often. Developed in partnership with Google.

The Most Refreshing Pint – http://themostrefreshingpint.com/
Have a ‘sip’ on a pint (nice Drinkaware language there). See if you win a free prize. Refresh to try again. Simple.

Inside Insides – http://insideinsides.blogspot.com/
MRI scans of fruit and veg. Obviously.

This is Freaking Ridiculous – http://www.tifr.us/
Packed full of funny internet shit.

Unsuck-It – http://unsuck-it.com/
Rid your office of shitty business jargon!! Search or browse.

(A version of this comment first appeared in New Media Age.)

ASDA Shopping Smartness

More shopping smartness, this time from ASDA. Their new Price Guarantee lets you compare the price of your shop against the other supermarkets. Enter 6 set of numbers from your receipt and the system does the rest. If it’s cheaper elsewhere ASDA refund the difference.

It’s being supported by a nationwide ad campaign showing those good old ‘regular mums’ trying it out.

The price check is powered by mySupermarket.co.uk