Facebook Places. What are the benefits for brands?

Facebook Places just became the No.1 in location based services. End of. For brands the opportunities are massive. You get all the nice bits of Foursquare (check-in, location data, feedback, competitions, redemption, vouchers, loyalty schemes, social gaming, etc) but with the 500 million people on Facebook. There’ll be loads of smart activity based around peopleContinue reading “Facebook Places. What are the benefits for brands?”

Visualisation of Asteroid Discoveries from 1980-2010

This animation by the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center shows a beautiful view of the past 30 years of asteroid discoveries. As the years pass by, the numbers grow, and the patterns unfold. Key: New Discoveries are briefly highlighted in White Earth Crossers are Red Earth Approachers are Yellow All Others are Green From 8959 to 530091 in 30 years.Continue reading “Visualisation of Asteroid Discoveries from 1980-2010”

Digital installations situated in Google Earth

These digital sculptures by artist Peter Root were all created in Google Sketchup. Some of the stills look a bit more striking than the videos themselves. But it’s a really interesting idea, and something that could easily became a permanent layer in Google Earth – easily allowing artists to create and show work in aContinue reading “Digital installations situated in Google Earth”

“Rise of the Idiots”, by Dan Ashcroft

Just popped out for lunch in Shoreditch. Reminded me of this. I think they’re now called “Hispters”. Scene from the excellent “Nathan Barley” series in which Dan Ashcroft gives a commentary on the rise of the idiot classes. Many people think this rant is the exposition of co-creator Chris Morris’s own feelings on popular culture.

Joaquin Phoenix. Hip-Hop. I’m Still Here

Anyone remember seeing Joaquin Phoenix have an apparent meltdown on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2009. If you haven’t take a quick look at it. It’s properly out there.. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman 2010 Turns out it might’ve been “method acting to the extreme” following the release of this trailer for a film followingContinue reading “Joaquin Phoenix. Hip-Hop. I’m Still Here”