Colourful and hyperactive ‘Art Machine’ Swatch Creart / Grems from THANK YOU on Vimeo. Part of a campaign by creative studio Thank You to launch the Swatch Art Collection. via

LastHistory – interactive visualization your history, obviously

Takes a while to initalise the first time, but once the data is in there it’s loads of fun to play with. It’s also got a really nice ‘personal mode’ that hooks up to iPhoto to display pics taken at the time you listened to the music. LastHistory – Interactive Visualization of ListeningContinue reading “LastHistory – interactive visualization your history, obviously”

Head On. Special project commissioned by Steven Spielberg “Head On” – Spielberg Commissioned Special Project from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo. Brilliant little short film where “a boy uses his imagination to connect with a girl on a NYC subway”. This is a special project commissioned by Steven Spielberg. Shot on RED. Animations and compositing was completed in Adobe After Effects. The entireContinue reading “Head On. Special project commissioned by Steven Spielberg”

Digging in the Crates Digging in the Crates from WE AIN’T PLASTIC on Vimeo. Digging in the Crates is an interactive installation by designer / developer Roland Loesslein which attempts to explore Sampling as a production technology of modern music using modified turntables and information graphics to understand the relationships between the sample and composition. Created using FlashContinue reading “Digging in the Crates”

FaceFlip – more fun with Chatroulette FaceFlip from Max Hawkins on Vimeo. Nice bit of geekery here. I’ll try and leave Chatroulette alone now. I’m in danger of boring myself. 😉