Advertising trends explained… via Toshiba and Grey London

Toshiba Space Chair Project by Grey London

YouTube link.

Escape Vehicle no.6 (chair in space), Simon Faithfull, 2004, 4min extract

YouTube link.

Looks like it all kicked off on the “Making Of..” page – then this appeared:

Toshibas new Space Chair ad was inspired by a sub culture of scientists and artists who send objects to the edge of space using weather balloons. Grey London collaborated with a number of talented individuals, including British artist Simon Faithfull, to re-create the concept of launching a generic chair into space, and by using their own HD cameras, to demonstrate how Toshiba technology can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

That’s proper PR ad-speak for a YouTube forum team Tosh. And I love the carefully worded slightly ass covering formal tone as well. Bonus for the single post and closed conversation. In and out. Boom!!

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