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Create Poetry with Twitter Magnets




Think 140 character fridge magnets.

Visit to submit your own poetry.

Submit your creation to


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Photosounder opens fractals and photos found on the web, treats and process them, then turns them into sound.

YouTube link.

Sounds turned into images can be powerfully modified to achieve effects and results that couldn’t be obtained in any other way. So Photosounder is also capable of other tricks.

Here’s HAL 9000 turned into an image with the time resolution set to 200 times slower. Without any change in pitch a strange and eerie soundscape emerges.

YouTube link.

More here:

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Browser Scrollbar Experiment

Reacts to you mouse. Works in Safari 4 and Chrome.

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png

Have a go for yourself:

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Internet Vices



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Ikea Facebook Campaign

Smart campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors to promote a new Ikea store in Malmo, Sweden.

Enjoy the vid:

YouTube link.

Full blurb:

Some of the best campaign strategies are simple, and none simpler than using the default “tagging” tool on Facebook to help create a bit of buzz for an online competition.

Users were drawn to a Facebook profile page for the store manager, who’d uploaded pictures of his new showrooms. People were told the first to tag their name on any item, would win it.

With the way tagging works on Facebook, the moment you tagged anything, everyone in your network instantly knew what was up for grabs! Subsequently, thousands and thousands of people were flooding the Facebook page.


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6 Old School Racing Games… Ahhh The Memories!

I ended up whizzing through YouTube last night looking at games I used to play as a kid, just wanted to put some up here and see who else used to play these bad boys.

In no particular order, here’s 6 of the racing games from my youth.


Hard Drivin’ – One of my all-time faves. It was the world first driving simulator to use 3-D polygon graphics.

Outrun – Absolute classic. Used to play this on a Saturday at the sports centre. Check the music out.


Stunt Car Raver – One of my all time faves this. Loved it! Brilliant physics for the bounce control.

Lombard RAC Rally – I got really good at this when I was more into Rally.

Test Drive – I think this franchise is still going strong, similar to The Need for Speed.

MicroPose Geoff Crammond’s F1 GP – This one got me through some late nights at uni. It had a multi-player mode where the pc took over so a bunch of you could play. This one marketed itself more as a “simulator”. Loved it. (Gameplay starts at 3m05)

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WordPress Debug Theme

When your WordPress installs fail and you need more information – the debug theme is perfect.


On the home page, it displays the important URL’s, editor, memory setting, etc. On sub pages it shows the page type, all the query vars that are set and the SQL query for that particular page.


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Steak Filter

Steak Filter v0 – init from AKA MEDIA SYSTEM on Vimeo.

For his art piece “Steak Filter”, Noah Feehan ran a video signal of a steak cooking, through the actual steak. The deterioration of the video signal as the moisture is removed becomes a sign of how done the steak is.

More info and a full interview.


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Dont Say My Name You’ll Wear It Out

Remember this old diss you used to try and give at school? “Thats my name…. Don’t wear it out”

Yoof update. Sick tune alert…!!

YouTube link.

As ever the YouTube comments provide another layer of comedy genius.

– ps, you’re a fucking idiot

– you is defo not hard

– Don’t say his name. He’ll suck you off.


– WhT ThE FAk Is this???????

DONT WEAR IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!