The Story of Adi Dassler

Wow wow wow… Read the blurb below to see why. The story of Adi Dassler from Dario Nucci on Vimeo. This is the story of Adi Dassler, founder of adidas and one of the world’s most original thinkers. Set entirely in his workshop, this stop frame animation recounts some of his most important inventionsContinue reading “The Story of Adi Dassler”

Augmented Reality. Texture Extraction Experiment Augmented Reality Texture Extraction Experiment from Lee Felarca on Vimeo. This is an AR-based experiment that enables the user to lift textures from real-world objects in live video and apply them onto 3D objects that are overlayed on top of them. Only box primitives are supported here, but the general idea could be extendedContinue reading “Augmented Reality. Texture Extraction Experiment”

Toxiclibs. An Immense Computational Design Showreel

Showreel of projects & experiments created by current users of the toxiclibs library. Cool music too. toxiclibs showreel from postspectacular on Vimeo. toxiclibs is an independent, open source library collection for computational design tasks with Java & Processing. After 2.5 years of continuous development & refactoring, the collection consists of >14k lines of code,Continue reading “Toxiclibs. An Immense Computational Design Showreel”

Born Again: Derek and Clive

Nick Love and Danny Dyer discuss their film Outlaw and the critical reaction it received. This is the official DVD directors commentary. This is not a piss-take. Believe it or not. Contains strong language. YouTube link. Absolutely hilarious. What pair of clowns. Here’s a little extra – Danny Dyer getting a lesson from some EastContinue reading “Born Again: Derek and Clive”