Sweden’s Got Talent

We got some 10-year girl old booing her eyes out – so much so that Cowell decided he could push the News At Ten back.

Other lowlights were of course the yawn inducing Susan Boyle saga. “Like yeah man… she was a bit ugly but had an amazing voice. How is that possible?”. Singing lessons. Anyone can have them.

Anyway – I’m tuning into the Swedish one next year.

Here’s two of their entrants… broadcast on National TV.

Duchess Dubois

The Crispbread Dance

Can you imagine this on ITV – the country would go into meltdown.

When The Craft Shines Through

Work Associated created this stunning typography by using Lightwave to replicate some pioneering 1920’s technology.

The original apparatus projected multiple coloured light sources which were photographed through a cut-out mask.

They modeled that system in detail and here’s the results.








Read more about it on the CR Blog.

Project Natal

This looks really interesting. Both PS3 and Xbox showed off prototype motion recognition at E3.

Sony has a motion control wand (with a strange bulb on the end) that interacts with the PS3 Eye Toy and is very similar to the Wii’s control, Microsoft has presented something completely different – Project Natal.

The cool thing about Project Natal is that there is no controller – you are the controller.

It has full body motion control by tracking 3D movement and it recognizes voices, immersing players into the game. What it promises is amazing.

On a side note, this half-decent launch demo for Natal is on the newly created XBoxE3 YouTube account. I couldn’t find a single official or decent video of the Wand Controller demo uploaded by Playstation. Come on guys.. get with the programme.

Here’s another demo from E3.

Peter Molyneaux gives us a look at Milo, which uses Project Natal for interaction with an on-screen character.

via The TrendWatch / Fresh Creation