TV commercial reminding advertisers to make TV commercials

Saw this on the TV last night. Few classic lines in here. YouTube link. Blurb about who it’s for: Thinkbox, the television marketing body for the main UK commercial television broadcasters, has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign, to remind advertisers of the unrivalled power, value and effectiveness of TV advertising and to encourageContinue reading “TV commercial reminding advertisers to make TV commercials”

Halston New York Fall 09 Collection

I’m not known for being the most fashion conscious man around – but this slick video from Halston New York caught my eye. It was filmed to highlight their Fall 09 collection and is a single tracking shot (I wonder how much digital jiggery-pokery is going on) with grogeous cars and models, cool styling andContinue reading “Halston New York Fall 09 Collection”

What’s In The Box?

Right – stand by for this. This film was made by Dutch student (yeah another one) Tim Smit on a unbelievable budget of $150. He shot the footage in his local village then used After Effects and 3D Studio Max to create the look. Apparently the Hollywood studios are sniffing around already. YouTube link. ‘What’sContinue reading “What’s In The Box?”