Charlie May. Technodubfest


I’ve been trying to get my hands on a fresh copy of Technodubfest for ages. Luckily I saw Charlie again recently and promptly stole a copy and this and Spooky “Gargantuan”. Result.

This CD was put out to promote the release of Sasha “Airdrawndagger”; which Charlie and Junkie XL worked on.

Tom (Junkie XL) never managed to work on Technodubfest. He went stellar almost overnight with his Elvis remix “A Little Less Conversation”. They agreed to keep the name the CD because of the sudden surge in publicity around him.

Charlie has just released a new EP on La Tour called – Not My Cat

If you like your music with a electronic dubby vibe – give this a go.

:: Download it here (limited time only)


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One thought on “Charlie May. Technodubfest”

  1. This is perhaps one of my favorite mixes of all time. I had a friend burn me a copy of this years ago, and unfortunately the CD got scratched (learned my lesson…must take better care of property). Can you please re-upload this for download or point me in the direction where I can get a copy?

    Thank you!


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