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We’re in a housing market crash, economic downturn, recession, whatever you call it. So how does Norwich Union tell people they’re rebranding? Spunk a load of cash on celebrities who changed their name to “make it”.

So what are they saying, that they’ve rebranded to Aviva to become famous, take over the world and make loads of money like their superfamous endorsers? At times like this they should be telling us what they stand for. Celebrity insurance fail.

Swift Cover

More insurance madness here. Wonder if Iggy Pop had any idea what his agent had got him into, or in these frugel times did they just bosh a shed load of money at him.

Also people just don’t beieve this shit. Does anyone really think that Iggy went online and used Swiftcover to insure his insurance (whatever that is)…. WAKE UP!

Want Longer Lasting Sex?

These posters went up around London in December touting a Nasal Delivery Technology (sounded like a spray to me). We all thought it was a brilliant teaser campaign for something clever.

Turns out it actually was a some unproven spray, and the ads were later banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. How disappointing.


Media-types hit Twitter

Stephen Fry kicked things off towards the end of 2008, now other media figures are joining in. Jonathan Ross is also helping debunk fake profiles as the self-styled Number One Twitter Detective. He’s also bloody fuuny as doesn’t have his “people” update his account for him. Kudos.

So far he’s let us know that Graham Lineham is real, I’m being followed by a fake Jack Dee and that Frankie Boyle & Russell Brand are thinking of joining up.

Read more about how media-types are using Twitter to bypass newspapers

Anyway.. here’s Wossy, proving that he’s Wossy


Normal service will be resumed next time.

I just needed to get all this off my chest….

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